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Meow here, Meow there

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I mainly notice this with Kricket when I'm at Vinnie's apartment on the weekends. She gets so worked up, running around like a crazy lunatic and then out of nowhere she'll let out a MEOW! Nothing loud and usually just 1 meow. Whenever I hear it I usually call her name so I reassure her as to where I am, but then she goes back about her business of tearing the apartment to pieces. (she thinks she owns the place) I was wondering if anybody else experienced this or has a reason as to why she does it? I'm starting to think that I just have a very weird cat.
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I think she is just playing, simple as that.
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my cat does this (running around the house), but she constantly meows, i play with her, even after feeding her she still meows and don't stop for ages, i tell her to shush but she just goes on. i really want to get her one of those toy scratching posts to keep her busy because she is driving me nuts.
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She's saying....come and find me meowmy!!! My Lil Bit does it too! She'll run thru the house and maaooow,and I have to go look for her. She usually jumps out at me from behind a door. It's her favorite game!
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thats the thing, she is in the same room as me most of the time, she will leave the other room if she needs to use the loo, a thing she likes to do is sit near the window behind the curtain and meow, as soon as i move from my chair she wants to know everything i am doing, if i am going to get a snack from the kitchen she will look at me and stare at me and the food, it's very funny.
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Yeah!! It's hide and seek time!!
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