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As I understand this, the guest book on this page will be presented to Terri after some time has passed- to add to the multitude affected by his passing

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I feel so sorry for all of his family.What a tragic thing to happen to such an animal lover as he was.My family and I enjoyed watching him and seeing him wrestle the critters.
Steve Irwin
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I am still mourning over this, and I did tear watching some of the tributes on YouTube.com and other such places. There are MILLIONS of people missing Steve, and I bet he's in heaven with a joyful tear in his eye, knowing that people not only care about him but his work. He would have wanted that kind of impact on the world, if only for the sake of the animals he so dearly loved.
As an animal lover myself, I can relate to Steve, and it makes it a little more sad for me knowing a fellow animal-lover is gone. But hey, you have to admit, Steve knew he'd die doing what he loved, or at least he would have hoped for that.
Like his dad Bob said, "It's better then getting hit by a bus."
They even mentioned some eerie things like how John Stainton said they had talked about the risks with stingrays the day before, reminding everyone that they CAN be dangerous. Also Steve, in casual, joking conversation a few years earlier, mentioned how he would probably die in the ocean because one's reflexes were impaired, where on land he was too quick.

RIP Steve, we'll miss you. Enjoy seeing your mom Lyn, your dog Sui (sp?), and that croc you cried over, Mary. I bet she's happy as anything to see you.
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I couldn't find this posted anywhere else on the site, so I figured I'd tack it on to the end.

Steve Irwin's memorial service is on Animal Planet (in the US) tonight (9/19) at 9 ET.
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