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DT for Saturday July 20

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I hope everyone is having a good weekend so far. Today in my little town we are having Crazy Days, which is a giant sidewalk sale that all the merchants participant in. I went out early to find some good bargins and found two. About twenty minutes after I started shopping, it got really dark and stormy and the store employees ran around getting all the merchandise back inside before it started raining.
One of the bargins I found was a pair of sports sandals. I was trying them out a while ago and they are the most comfortable sandals that I have ever worn, it's exactly like walking around barefoot. The weather seems to be improving now, and I may go back to the sidewalk sales after lunch. I especially want to find another awesome pair of sandals!!!! Have a nice day!!!
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Aren't you lucky, Lorie? It's a shame about the rain, but I've been in that boat. I was shopping for plants outside of KMart, and I had to be at work in about an hour at a piano store 15 miles away. The sky just opened up! My daughter and I were together. She got the car while I stood under the awning, but I was still soaked and dripping when I got in the car. By the time she took me to my car, I had to go directly to work! I kept the heater on full blast. (in August) My hair was short and naturally wavy, but my clothes were quite damp when I got to work. I won't forget that day soon!

I was proud of myself this morning. I put a few plants in my annual bed. It's quite hard because I have to carry oxygen with me, but it makes me feel normal for a change. Flowers are one of my passions. I still want to buy some hybrid tea roses. The garden centers all seem to have ordered too many plants. That's good for me, because it's so late.( I couldn't find anyone who wanted a job digging) The prices are down considerably.

Before I put up my hanging baskets last week, I had only one fuschia. It was extemely thick and I wanted to divide it, for fear it would get root bound. But as I reached for the plant, a mother wren flew out. I looked in and saw a lovely little nest with eggs. I'm thrilled. I have been watering that plant for a month, and I saw a few wrens flitting around it and felt bad, because of all the planters, that was the only one being watered. It never occurred to me that the wrens would still choose that one! She stays on the nest if I water around the edges. It's almost a symbiotic relationship. I feed the birds and they feed my soul.
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Our little town is having their annual festival this weekend - "Burning Mountain Days"... I don't think anyone wants to think about the fact that the mountains literally are burning. (The name comes from the mountain the Coal Seam fire started from: "Burning Mountain" which just happens to be in my tiny town.) I never actually go join in the festivities. One festival a year (Strawberry Days) is plenty for me!

So I'm spending the day just relaxing and reading and listening to music. It's really nice! I'm on my own for the weekend again, and I'm trying to decide how to spend the evening ~ if I want to go to a movie, rent a movie and stay home, or what.... I'll probably just fix myself a nice dinner and watch a movie. And maybe have a drink or two.

Jeanie, I had a few baby birds above my door! I really liked seeing them up there, but they grew up SO quickly and they're gone now. Even the mom and dad birds don't come around as often. I kind of miss them, although every time we walked in or out the door these birds would try to attack us for getting too close to the nest!

I hope you find more sandals you like, Lorie!
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Got the weekend off. Bill cooked breakfast: bacon, sausage, eggs, biscuits & gravy. Good thing we don't do this, often - we've gotten his cholesterol down.

Did a little shopping. Bought a holster, for my new pistol, made a Wal-Mart run (we were out of litter) and got groceries.

Bill wants to BBQ, this eve. I, never refuse that. Think we'll stay in, tonight and run a video or two.

Have a good weekend!
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Jeanie, I'm sorry you have health problems...

I have a lot of birds flying in and out of my flower garden all the time. I enjoy watching them and I have a bird bath and bird feeders nearby but no nests that I know of.

Cindy, I keep reading about Bill cooking breakfast in your posts. It really sounds nice!!!
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Jeanie, I didn't realize you were on oxygen...I am sorry to hear that. I'll bet your flowers are beautiful! I love fuschias but I can never keep them alive. That is so sweet the birds are nesting there.

Lorie...we have Crazy Days here, too...it used to be a big deal, like when I was little, but through the years alot of businesses have quit participating in it, so it isn't so big any more. Back in the old days, (when I was a kid ) The merchants would even dress up as clowns that day. I have fond memories of mother taking me to it and there were sidewalk vendors selling hotdogs and a coke for 50 cents.
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