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Ferris smells like cookies!

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The progess we made today is unbelievably fantastic. He's been out of his cage a couple of times, once with Ginger in the room and she watched him with an eagle-eye, and threatened him a few times, but in general, it wasn't too bad a face-to-face.

Turns out he LOVES, LOVES, LOVES to play with furry mice - he spent many, many joyous minutes flipping them up into the air and batting them around - there were too many mice to choose from, so I eliminated a few, and he settled on a white one to play with.

I managed to take him into my lap twice, and though he resisted at first, he melted like hot butter and started purring up a storm when I relaxed my hands around him and started scritching behind his little ears - my cuteness overload reset button had to be pressed a couple of times, because I was in sheer heaven!!!

Once when I had him on my lap, I fed him some chicken baby food from my finger, and as he was licking it off, Ginger came forward growling softly. I held out my finger to her so she could taste the baby food, and she did, still growling a bit the whole time.

Then for a minute or two, I alternated giving her some on my finger and then giving him some. The growling stopped as this went on and then Ginger trumped us by sticking her face into the jar and eating it directly out of the container, LOL! They sort of bonded a bit over baby food!

I managed to get some vanilla on him the last time I had him on my lap, after Ginger had left the room, and WHOOPSIE - uhm, I think I put a little too much...sorry Ferris...now he smells like cookies!!! I hope Ginger likes his new cologne!

I'm seriously thrilled at how far along he's come in such a short time - I'm starting to feel guilty about keeping him caged up - don't think that'll last too much longer. We'll see how tomorrow goes. I think by next weekend for certain, we'll be able to give him the ability to explore the house completely.

I am so lucky - I'm so in love with this little guy, and I'm so proud of my brave Ginger for doing her own kitty thang as it comes natural to her - this has been a tough few days, but she's handling it admirably!
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Yay!! Sounds like some great progress on both gaining the trust of a little feral baby, and on getting the two of them to see each other as neutral. Even if it takes baby food and cookies! Be sure to put the vanilla on Ginger, too, so that he smell the same as she does. (Sorry if you've already said you did this in another post...I've been out and about for the most part since you brought Ferris home )
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Aww, that is such a cute post - Ferris and Ginger sound like they are going to be quite the pair!! And I think that I could go for my cats smelling like cookies Hey, Joey......
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That is soo cute!!!!
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That's great news! It sounds like he's going to settle in well! And who can't resist a kitty that smells like cookies!
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I am so proud - I just got a collar on Ferris. It's a Harley collar, black with white lettering and teensie white dog bones, and it says "Bad to the Bone" on it. LOL! It has a bell on it, two, so now I have tinkling in stereo!

He took the collar like he's been wearing it all his life - what a sweet little boy he is! He's now running amok in the kitchen, thoroughly investigating it in the rare moment that he isn't hiding behind the litter boxes or playing Catch the Mouse.

I have to go back to work tomorrow so I won't get to spend so much time playing meowmy, but it looks like the little guy is going to settle in quite well. He even jumped playfully at Ginger once, which startled her so much that she jumped up and took off into the other room!

He's peed in her litter box twice, and seems to be taking up residence in it at times. Ginger just doesn't know WHAT to make of all this!!!

I should have some pics up tomorrow!
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Ferris sounds like a little doll!!
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