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Just watched "March of the Penguins".....

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It wasnt the animal version of "Gone with The Wind" as some people were saying, but it was enjoyable. I was trying to figure out how long those penguins took to walk those 70 miles. (My mind works in weird ways). I figure they were moving about 1 mile an hour, 70 hours, almost 3 straight days! It was also amazing that the mothers and fathers recognized each other's "voice" among hundreds of penguins all screeching at the same time. Nature is quite amazing.
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I tried to watch it, but I can't stand to see animals in hardship and dying even if it is "nature", so I never finished watching it. I don't really care for movies that are based around animals because they tend to be so sad usually and I end up bawling my eyes out
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I watched it earlier this year. While parts were sad it was also inspiring. It's amazing the hardships the penguins go through to ensure the survival of themselves and their chicks. And when they finally make it to the sea if you're crying it's because of happiness for them.
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Oh, I love that movie. I hadn't planned on watching it, but a resident as a nursing home I worked for at the time told me that I would like it. So that weekend I rented it, and ended up thinking it was great. Sad, but like someone else said, it was inspiring.
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That's on my list of movies to rent! For some reason, we seldom do actually rent a movie, though. I've heard it's a wonderful film.
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I saw it earlier this year. Absolutely breathtaking scenery and amazing creatures to undergo such extreme hardships!
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Wow. That movie made me cry!!

Its so hard seeing the penguins work so hard, and then stuggle so sadly to keep their babies off the ground, and then they just lose them to the cold air.
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Made me cry too, but it was a great movie Love Morgan Freeman's voice too
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Humm, i haven't seen it yet, maybe i'll rent it sometime! It sounds cute
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