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My work is going to have a halloween costume contest next month and I am going to be a cat. I have a full body black leotard and ears. Unfortunately, the cat tail looks puny. I want a big bushy tail, but I can't find one. I guess I could make one. Anyone have any ideas of how to make a bushy cat tail?
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Couldn't you wrap a black feathery boa around some wire, like maybe an undone coathanger? If you want it REALLY bushy you might have to get a few of the boas. Maybe you would have to glue it on with super glue?
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Thats what I was thinking too! A fuzzy boa
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If you have a fabric store close by, you can usually buy boa making stuff there. You could get different colors and be a calico!
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Or... you could be Catwoman!!

I would see if you could find some really fuzzy fleece... and then sew it into a tube... that could work. I like the boa idea if they aren't feathers.
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