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Introducing Louie D-Boy....

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Ok gang, here's my new addition: Louie D-Boy.... he has a sorta smug ay-oh oh-ay kinda look about him, so I wanted to give him a rough name.... And that's the nick-name of my hubby's friend that passed away, so I think it fits this little boy really well....

 far LuckyGirl is not thrilled with the baby...she won't even eat with him. So I've been feeding her at her window perch. She does feel compelled to wap him in the head 32 times though.... poor Louie, he just wants to play with her!
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Wonderful pictures.
Louie D-Boy is adorable.
Be patient....LuckyGirl will come around when she finds out you still love her.
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He is such a sweetie pie.
His paw pads are beautiful.
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Oh he is soooo gorgeous! I just love the second pic of him!
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Looks like he will grow to be a big boy, if he ever grows into those feet! Your older girl needs to start being nice because one day, he will be bigger then her.
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Awwww, what a cutie!!
(must make Louie sig! )
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He is PRECIOUS!!! Is he a tabby??
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Awwwwwwwwww he's such a CUTIE-PATOOTIE!!!! Keep us updated on Lucky Girl's tolerance to him! Bella smacked the heck out of Sophia when we first got her and it's been 8 years and they just tolerate each other, but Lucky Girl is young and Bella was already @ 5 years old so she was set in her ways!!
good Luck!!
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Aww, Louie D-Boy is adorable!!! Hopefully LuckyGirl will change her mind about him!

I feel your pain...believe me, I feel your pain!
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Oh isn't he a little sweetheart!! Don't worry about the bops on the head. Rosie was forever giving Sophie them when she was little and Sophie just wanted to play with her as well.

Mind you, Sophie could be a little tormentor as well and still is at times!

Just make sure you spend some quality time with Luckygirl and keep telling her that you love her, that way she won't feel left out.
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HEY, NO CUTENESS WARNING !! awh, dont you wish they could stay like that - although I am sure he will be a very handsome boy when he grows up
And those little pads, so smooth ! are your cats house cats ?
When we rescued Pepsi, her owner lived in an apartment and thought it was cruel not to let her out and was going to have her put to sleep so there was no way I was letting that happen Anyway her pads looked just like Loiues, but after she settled in, she was out and about like a real big cat, well of course, her pads are all scuffed up now
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What a cute little guy! Congratulations!
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Awww he's gorgeous! What a wee cutie pie. Love his burnished paw pads. His pics are the highlight of my morning.
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what a cutie! I am sure Lucky Girl will come around soon.
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Originally Posted by LuckyGirl View Post

He's SOOO adorable! These two are my favorites, and I'll be honest with you...I'm tempted to make that first one my desktop wallpaper for a couple of days. Too cute for words!
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Oh Heather.............................
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Originally Posted by mooficat View Post

Absolutely Beautiful and marvellous!...

congratulacions again my friend!
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He's gorgeous!

Are you keeping them separated these first few days? That can REALLY make the difference in the intro process. Plus, Louie will be a lot more comfy in his new "territory" if he gets used to one room first.

What a looker!
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OK, an update on my babies.... LuckyGirl is doing much better at tolerating Little Louie. At 1st I had a small heat attack, she was tackling him to the ground, and biting him at the neck & belly. I was afraid she was hurting him, but I let them go, and as soon as he got up he would go back for more...and he wasn't crying? So they were playing. And they have been running through the house chasing each other....then she tackles him to the ground, and pins him down and licks the heck out of him. It's the cutest thing I've ever seen! And I worry cause she doesn't really know how to be a cat, I think she was neglected by her momma cat cause of her birth defect, she doesn't knead her paws, and she doesn't hiss or anything....but her instincts really seem to be kicking in with him. Maybe he will teach her about cat to cat relationships.... she still won't let him eat off of her plate, and she will eat off his, and then growl at him to step back from his own plate....he listens to her. And she won't cuddle with him yet, and all he wants to do is cuddle with her....but that;s ok, he can cuddle with me.... and we are making sure to give LuckyGirl extra treats, and extra praise, and extra cuddles.... they are such a joy. Thanks for all the kind words! I already have his catster page set up! I'll be sending you all friend requests tomorrow from work!!!

PS....Louie & Lucky siggies welcome!!!
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OMG! What a cutie!!!! I love those pictures!
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OMG he is so cute I love the picture of him sleeping.
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Oh gosh he's a cutie, looking so sweet just waking up His eyes match his coat almost don't they And he looks so cute just waking up Congrats to you and Lucky Girl for getting a new sweet boy, no time she'll Love him
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What a cutie! Louie D-Boy, you certainly are a handsome little boy. I'll take one... maybe 2?
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Awww, Heather - he's adorable!!
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He is precious!
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Awwww, what little bedroom eyes he has! I love brown tigers!
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Thanks Guys!!! He is just the sweetest baby ever! Yes his eyes are like a silvery-gray kinda color, with a smidgen of blue.... but he has a silver/black tabby coat, and his back is real speckled with silver/black, he almost looks like a wild rabbit, the way their fur is speckled salt & pepperish....

Yesterday LuckyGirl decided Baby Louie just wasn't clean enough, and pinned him down and proceeded to groom him everywhere! And Baby Louie was not thrilled, he tried to wriggle away from her. I did keep them seperate the 1st 2 days while I was away, but let them together while I was home. I have kept their litter seperate, but am trying to get them into 1 box, as Luck has a great box with a lid. The baby is in a temp litter box, that I started in my bathroom for 2 days, now I moved it 4 feet back the hall for 2 more days, and so forth till I get them into the same box. I didn't want to pressure Lucky into sharing her box so soon, that is major territory issues.... although while scooping the babies box, I did notice that she took the liberty of going in his tiny tiny tiny little box, most likely to prove a point! I noticed some poop that was longer than Louie, and I just knew it couldn't be his.... She is such a girl! Louie is already more of a lovey dovey than LuckyGirl ever was....she used to be a lap cat, but has grown into her teenage years, where she wants to be affectionate when it suits her, otherwise--please don't kiss her in public! Where Louie wants to either sleep or be loved he goes to your feet and cries till you pick him up, then he is content. Be still my heart! I can't wait for the day they are cuddling....he will help my LuckyGirl feel like love & affection like a mommy. I am already losing sleep over's her spay appointment! I am sure I will have to be medicated that day!
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