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Another new kitten--in need of advice!!

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Hey there! I guess I'm the new kitten on the block....and wondering if I could get some advice?

For as long as I can remember, I've loved cats...and now I am working to convince my family that I should get a kitten- I have been working on them for a month now!

Does anyone know a sure-fire way to convince them that the benefits definetly outweigh the inconveniences of getting a kitten?

Thanks so much!

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Actually Kelly it is your parents choice whether or not to get you a kitten. They have to feel that you are old enough to accept the responsibility of caring and feeding and vetting this kitten. If they do not feel this way about you, there is no magic way you can convince them. They may have other reasons why they don't want you to have a kitten and as you live under their roof their word is what you should abide by. Just be patient and don't harrange them about it and see what happens. An animal is a huge responsibility when they feel you are ready, I am sure they will go ahead and let you have one.
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Show your parents that you're passionate about this. Get books, learn about them, looking after a kitten is a huge responsibility and it's both frustrating and fun. One cat we had years back actually climbed the curtains, right to the top and shredded them. You could even do a little voluntary work at your local animal shelter, this will give you and your parents a huge insight into animal well being. Oh and don't buy lots of toys, just a bag of catnip and a ball of string, maybe even some loo roll and your kitteh(yeah I know, I spell all things ending in 'y' as 'eh') will be happy for hours at a time.

Vet bills are huge so it is a major help if you get your pet insured, it's usually very cheap, here in the UK it costs as little as £5 a month and this is nothing compared to the vet bill you WILL have to fork out for if you don't have your cat insured.
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Probably the best thing to do is to show your parents that you are responsible enough to take care of a kitty. The other thing is sit down and talk to them about what their reservations are about you getting a cat. They may be concerned about future aspects, like what happens to the cat when you go away for college. For those 4-5 years, the cat would be their responsibility since you can't have pets in dorm rooms. Once their concerns are out, you can address those issues and perhaps come to a compromise. Good luck!
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,Hi Kelly ,
It might be an idea to ask your parents to go to catshows with you. That would give them the chance to fall in love with a certain kind of cat and then you ´d have your kitty. Well , this is just an idea and might not work out. On the other hand I agree with what all the others wrote especially about working in a shelter. Good luck Elisabeth
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Hi kelly .
I also wanted a cat when I was 16 and had to "work on" my parents a bit ! My parents had good reasons for their reservations - who would look after the cat while we were on holiday ? how much does it cost to keep a cat ? what special needs does a cat have? We discussed all the responsibilities and they thought that I was responsible enough and so my parents agreed . I agreed to pay any vets bills and to find someone to feed the cat while we were away etc. However I have plenty of friends whose parents aren't animal lovers and so had no pets at home. I know it's hard but if your parents are like this you may have to wait until you live away from home - then your parents can come and visit and fall in love with your furry friend/s !!!Good luck ! maybe they would be happier about a cat rather than a kitten as it can be less demanding and less destructive.Good luck Max's mummy
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Thanks so much for all the advice! I talked to my parents about their concerns, and if in a few weeks I can show them that I can handle my own kitten, we're going to go get one! When they saw all the research I did I think they were impressed at how dedicated I was to get one....so once again, thanks!!

Oh yeah, and starting in a week my whole family will be volunteering at our local shelter!
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That's great! I'm glad you worked it out with your parents, and even better that you are all volunteering. I'm sure all those little fur-babes at the shelter will melt their hearts. They are all so precious.

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Congratulations Kelly! That is going to be one lucky kitten, with the entire family devoting itself to learning about her/his care and needs - and prepared to give their time and love to other animals as well. Hats off to all of you!

Esme :daisy:
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