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Thank You

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I posted a couple of months ago, i ended up with 2 x 7week old kittens and they were extremely timid (bordering on feral) and I had no experience with cats. I posted on this forum and got loads of excellent advice and they are both 4 months old now and as affection as any other 4 month old cat and they ve developed their own characters now too.

Just a quick one to say thanks to everyone that helped

Steve (+ micu and canny)

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That's what TCS is all about. So happy you received the advice and help you needed to turn your situation into such a happy one.
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I just read your original thread.
While I didn't offer advice on the first thread, I did want to say that is good news about how tame your babies became! It is simply amazing what changes can happen with enough time and attention!
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