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Ring Worm

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Hi still trying to beat this thought i was winning , but now a set back !!!
i have five house cats and two are persian !! it was just my ginger tabby that had a few small areas of ring worm , I was using an anti fungel cream which was working wonders !!!!!!after a few days the red had healed and turned a brown colour i was very pleased , but i noticed another small one on his neck so treated it immediatly, i have been cleaning and hoovering constantly but i drew a gasp of despair my tabby has a big patch on his
back i have creamed the area !!!! I feel so so sad to see my little pride and joys looking this way !!I have also been using Bacillinum i got from a London homeeopathic pharmacy , this is for the infected cats and a prevention for the others !!I feel i cant keep my head above water !! alot of my friends are pet owners and i am in quarantine This could be long team too !!

My question is this my cream works well , so i need to prevent the others from getting it,i have seen recipe for lime sulfur shampoo

1 oz lime sulfur liquid 23%
5 oz shampoo
2 0z water

do you think this is worthwhile ?

I am after the lime sulfur dip with 23% lime sulphur but i dont know how much water mix with it ???
I am from the UK any products i can spray that kill ringworm around the house ???? i am using disanfectant but i want one that will kill the spores 100%

sorry about my woes but feeling sorry for "me and the gang "

look forward to any help

julia and kittys

PS have switched to Hi Life dry and Royal canin Dry plus will be looking at any other reasonable brand !! no more rubbish for my babies !!!!!!
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Julia, I don't know much about Lime Sulfur dips, but I don't feel comfortable with them. Just, IMO. If you decide to do a lime sulfur dip, do so with the help of your vet, get some from him. It is safer that way, & you will have him/her to guide you.

BTW-Ringworm gets worse before it gets better, so hang on. I am done with the 21 day treatment of two of my kitteis, but had to continue treatment as they hadn't healed enough(Still had a small patch on each).
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Hang In there! I do cat rescue and all of mine go first to my Vet before coming home. Well....needless to say I had a new one being treated for ringworm and two new ones for upper respiratory. After 30 days..both upper respiratory kittens could go home. I adopted one to another home from the Vet office and the other came home with me. Two weeks later we were both back with ringworm. Obviously the kennel people for the Vet did not use proper precautions and I now have 40 Plus cats being treated for ringworm. Very Costly! I am treating once a week with Griseofulvin mixed with Val Syrup. The Vet computed the amount PER animal This medication is hard on the livers of the animals so you have to really compute the proper dosage. I am certainly NOT happy about this however it's something I have to deal with. I not only feel bad for my cats/kittens medically as well as now no one can be adopted for approximately 6 weeks. I certainly can understand your frustration!! Have you contacted your Vet regarding this medication?

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