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Help...cat is pooping on my throw rug in his room

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Remy's strange behavior began when his mom died in May. I have another cat that will be here in a couple of weeks. Everyone recommended getting him a buddy.
He is a year old this july. He has been doing odd things ever since Mitzee died suddenly from eating rubber bands. (another weird story)
He scratches my tv but only when i am right there. He will chew on wires if I am around otherwise he leaves everything alone. I have sprayed everything with bitter apple and bought covers for any wires.
He also is weird about chewing on plastic so i can't have any of that anywhere where he can get it.
His sleeping room is a 10x 12 area with two throw rugs. He never urinates on them but he will poop on one of them. I have used everything to try to deter this. My husband stays up till 2 or 3 am then puts him away. I get up at 8 so he isnt in there that long. He never cries to come out. He sleeps in a large cat tree in there. Has a litter box. He has water on the opposite side of the room from the litter box. Any ideas how to prevent this behavior. I guess i could remove the throw rugs....but....I am afraid he might do it some where else in the house.
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Awww poor Remy Im sure he's grieving .... add another litter box in his room .... some cats like to pee and poo in different boxes. Make sure they are separated enough so it doesnt look like one big litter box to him .....

Im so sorry about Mitzee (RIP) ...Im sure its a time of grieving for you all ....
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Do you play with him, with toys, etc? He needs a little interaction I think, now that he doesn't have his mother. And have you tried two litter boxes - maybe he's a cat that needs one for pooping and one for peeing (some do!). I hope he hasn't had any more elastics because they can tangle up their intestines (honestly!) and are quite dangerous, in fact you might want to ask the vet about it.
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I took him to the vet when this first started to make sure that he didnt have something going on physically. He has two other boxes but not in that room. I will try putting two in there and see if he likes it. I might go buy him another larger one too. This is the biggest but someone told me, it might not be big enough and to get one of those under the bed storage boxes. He is pretty large. 16 lbs.
Thank you for your kind thoughts. I still can't believe Mitzee, my little coffee buddy is gone. But I am getting his 1/2 brother in a few weeks. I think that will help alot
we do play with him, he has every interactive toy known to man. The kids have grown up he's our babee. I think he needs a pet *g
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I have to use those storage boxes like you are talking about and they work great .... thats good news about getting his 1/2 brother, it will probablly help him a lot. Grieving can show itself in so many ways, especially in cats, they are sensitve creatures....

I hope larger boxes and adding another will help with his poo problem. I would also remove the rug and wash it with an enzyme cleaner to completely remove his smell from it, so he wont be tempted to use it again.

Good luck to you in this trying time ..... I hope the new addition can help you all in your time of loss .....
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Please click here to read about how to stop poop problems.
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You said that you are adopting a new friend for Remy. Before the new cat joins your family, please read this thread which tells how to introduce a new cat to a resident cat. By following this advice you are almost guaranteed to have a successful adoption.
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thanks lots o cats! i am going to read them both
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