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I'm new here - what a great forum - I sure am glad I found it!!

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Just wanted to say hello to everyone.

I have been browsing through a lot of the posts and this place is a cat lover's paradise - lots of great help and information - I will probably be spending much too much time here in the days to come!

I share my home with two cats right now.

Pandora (my alter ego) is a 3 year old DSH tabby that I rescued from a local shelter when she was 3 months old (there are pictures of "Princess P" on my website http://clarepark.ca on the Furry Family page).

The other "fur purrson" is Mau an 8 month old ebony Oriental Shorthair (pictures on the site, but unfortunately NOT current).

Mau is looking for an OS buddy, and my visit to a breeder yesterday is what prompted me to go looking for some "cat advice from breeders" and how I ended up here!
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Isn't this a great place, Pandora? I'm glad you and your kittens found us. I enjoy myself so much here, and learn while I'm at it! I hope you find the new friend you want for Mau! Welcome, and post often.
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Welcome to the site - you'll find you spend FAR too much time on here - just like the rest of us.

I love your website - it's the only personal site I've see so far where the family history is explored to such an extent, even supported by lovely old Victorian photographs.

And Mau and Panda are gorgeous.
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I'm looking forward to visiting often and getting to know some of the "regulars"...

Yola, thanks for taking the time to go and visit my site. In my chequered past I was a computer programmer, and since I "retired from the corporate rat race" I have taught myself HTML. My site was a "learn while doing project".

If anyone here wants help or advice on computer related "techie" type questions, or help with HTML coding I'd be glad to offer assistance - I've had considerable experience in computers.
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. . . cool - speaking personally I really need the odd bit of advice (like - lots of it!!)

I think there is a thread called Your Computer Questions Answered in the Lounge where people post questions about what they are having problems with and smart bods like you provide answers.
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Welcome to the site! I'm glad you found us here. We always love seeing new faces coming in. Yola is right - you will find yourself spending way too much time here. I know I do!

Your website is very well done. All your furbabes are gorgeous, and I love your introductions to them. You are very articulate. Perhaps you would be interested in joining in our stories in the Paws and Reflect forum? We have two going - one is a suspense/mystery (Let's Make a Story) and the other a fairy tale (Another Let's Make a Story). BTW, even though this is "The Cat Site" feel free to talk about Emma, too. We love any and all critters around here.

I look forward to getting to know you and your furries!
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Hello from a fellow Ontarian. We are taking over the site! I think there are 4 or 5 of us now. I really enjoyed your sited, especially the geneology section!
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Thanks for the welcome Heidi and Adrienne -

Adrienne I had a "Merlin" cat once too.

He was all black except for a tiny white bit on the end of his tail. He found his way to my trailer when I was at a dog show (brave cat - going to a dog show!). He was very thin, obviously lost or abandoned. We fed him, bought him some litter and a litter pan for in the trailer, put a found ad in the local newspaper and took him home to meet our two Siamese!

Lucky for us, no one ever claimed him and he lived with us for the next 16 years, and boy was he ever a character! I could bore you for hours with "Merlin stories". He had the most amazing sense of humour...

In the nice weather (if it was raining or very cold he never tried to get out) he was a "door dasher" (my cats are all indoor only) and looking for a black cat at night was NOT fun.

I swear he new the difference between the sound of a tin of soup being opened and a tin of tuna being opened - and we sure went through a lot of tuna to get Merlin to come back inside when he got out. Being as smart as he was he probably only ran out when he figured he wanted tuna!

Enough rambling - I have work to do - just wanted to say thanks for the welcome and for visiting my site. I'll be back often - this is a great place...
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