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Getting Paint off a Cat

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Hello I have been hanging out on this forum for a while reading this is my first post.
I am posting this for a friend of mine. Her cat got paint on it. What can be used to removed paint from a short-haired cat?

I make a post in the introduction area later.
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I don't know but whatever she uses use must not be toxic to cats...
her kitty will lick it.
She might want to call her vet and ask.

Welcome to TCS.
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If it's regular acrylic latex wall paint, a bath with cat shampoo will do just fine. This also works for acrylic artists/craft paint and other waterbased paints. You may have to scrub a bit if the paint is dry, but it should come off with very little trouble.

If it's oil based (oil based wall paint, oil artists paints) talk to your vet. Those won't come off with just water. Usually those paints need to be cleaned with turpentine and there's no way that's good for a cat.

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thanks for your quick reply xocats. I already called my friend and she is going to call a vet.
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Thanks MuttigreMom,

I have called my friend and let her know to try washing her kitty. Any specific kind of cat shampoo she should look for?
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water based house paint comes off with dish soap. stoli jumped in a pan when we got him.
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I just got off the phone with my friend she is going to give the cat a bath with some cat shampoo. She is waiting for her boyfriend to get home so she has some help. Unfortunately this person does not live close to me. I will update again when my friend calls me later. This board is awesome. Thanks for all the help.
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Let us know how the shampoo works.
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Thanks for everyone's input. My friend has been given all the information I have received on here. I have not been able to reach her yet to get another update. I am getting ready to go out soon so I probably will not talk to her tommorrow.
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Update- My friend used cat shampoo to get the paint off her cat. The cat is now paint free.
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I'm glad the shampoo worked.
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Any paint remover would be toxic to the cat. I'd just cut the fur off or shave if its down to the skin.
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