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And we have kittens!!

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Well so far everything is going well. Misty has had 3 kittens and they are all doing well and feeding nicely. We are not totally sure whether there is another still to come. Is there anyway to tell? Misty did and is doing a great job, we only had to assist a little bit.
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YAY! Congrats!!! Glad everything has gone well so far. Please post pics as soon as you get the chance!
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I found after she had her babys i would feel her belly and if there was still movement there was more to come now i was certain after her 4th there was still more to come but i checked on her when i woke up and she still had 4.
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Ya, I thought the same thing too after the 3rd, but its been a lil while now and there have been no more. So we are pretty sure she is done. I will post some pics when I get a chance, need to charge the batteries!
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Wow congratulations! I'm glad everything went along fine without complications. They're sure very adorable looking! Do you know if you'll be keeping any? Any names yet?
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they are sure cute!!! what a good momma
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Well we are definitly keeping one, not sure which one yet. And who knows we may keep them all since there is only 3 of them, but we'll see. We have named 2 of them so far, Patches and Tiggy(or tigger). The third I get to name but haven't chosen one yet.
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Oh they are adorable - congrads!!

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oh my dear ! they are just so cute and Misty looks as happy as a new mum could be they are just wonderful and well I would be tempted to keep them all too
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Cool - you have one dilute calico female
one bluecream/white female
and it looks like blue tabby/white male?
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We aren't sure whether they are male or female at the moment.
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