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Introducing a new cat

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We have a 2 1/2 year old female siamese (Mocha).. yesterday 9/2 we brought home a 10 week old rescued siamese kitten, the only time mocha saw the kitten is when we carried the kitten inside in the carrier. We are going to put the kitten in its own room for a while for them to get used to each other.But Mocha is completly freaked out hissing,growling,biting,and clawing US.. It doesn't seem as if shes scared, her ears aren't flattend tail bushed out etc...
She appears to be really PO'd. we leave her alone and she'll come up to us and start growling and try to bite, and scratch.. I can understand that she wouldn't take to the newcommer quickly but why is she attacking us?? And to top it off she hasn't eaten since we brought the kitten home.

Any help would be appreciated
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She attacks you because you are smelling the kitten...
It may be so she is one of those who prefer to live solitary.

In any case, take it slowly and after the arts all rules here... Look at other threads on this problem, there are lots of suggestions and tips about internet resources.

Try also with Feliway...
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Hi, welcome to TCS, Chris, and congratulations to you and Mocha on your new addition!This is a very informative thread with I suggest along with this excellent article.
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I had already read both those articles.. I can't get anywhere near mocha without her full on attacking
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Keep her in own quarters till she calms down. Wash off your hands, perhaps even change clothes when visiting her. It is surely smells that trigger her.

During the time the little one will get smells from your house. Rub him with clothes she had... etc.
There is also the vanilla-treatment.
And again, Feliway.

It may be even so she isnt reacting on the little one, but on some smell you get on you when you visited the shelter??
Violent attacks with barely a warning by an otherwise kind cat can occur if the owner has brought home funny smells - usually by some enemy cat...
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Thanks for the replys..I thought it could be the smell from the kitten on us, but my girlfriend is a vet tech. and i'm sure when she comes home from work she smells like all kinds of different animals, and it never seemed to bother mocha.. I just hope that the cat isn't going to be screwed up for the rest of her life...
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