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Sick 1 yr old Cat Throwing up, Diarrhea, no appetite

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My usually wildly assuberant fixed femaile cat Yoda, has taken a major twist. She started throwing up white liquid 36 hrs ago and had a water like diarrhea. That has stopped in the last 12. She plays very hard, eats alot and then crashes usually but now she is not leaving one room in the apt. I did get her to eat 1/4 a t of fancy feast this morning on her own. I gave her an suringe or water last night. She is not cleaning her self. She had a small amount of diarrhea in the last 24. Hard for her to go. She had some clear bubbles come out of her nose an hour ago, but did not throw up. Wants to be left alone. her stomach is very hard. She doesn't want to walk far, can walk though. alert in the eyes but obviously feels sick.
No sign of green plants in her throw up. We only have one house plant, not on the list of poison house plant. Still figuring out what kind of plant it is but there are no fallen leaves. She has always had a herniated navel and been the littles runt. Non of the other cats are effected with the same illness.
Its a holiday weekend... I am broke. Vets are VERY expensive here. Exams rarly are under $100 plus then they pile on so much more. Hard to leave without a $500 bill. Its outrageous but practically everyone in the area has cats. I adore this mini cat. If necessary I will borrow to get her well. But if there is something I haven't tried please let me know. Any guidance would be very appreciated.
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My friend just went through something similar with her cat and she ended up having pancreatitis. I don't know a lot about hernias but I know some can rupture. I had a chihuahua with a hernia and because of a heart condition the vet wouldn't do the surgery to repair it. I do remember that her vet told me to keep an eye on it. If she every started vomiting a lot of if the hernia became very hard and wasn't palpable to get her in immediately. I wish I could remember more about it but it was something about the intestines twisting up. Anyway if I were you I would try to borrow the money and get her to the vet. Tell them up front you don't have a lot of money to spend. I hope everything turns out okay.
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Your cat sounds quite sick and it could be any number of things. The ONLY way to find out is a vet visit. None of us are qualified to diagnose over the internet and are not vets. I don't believe I'm over-reacting by saying you really need to get her to a vet. It sounds as though she is quite sick and as I said above, it could be one of a number of things that's causing her illness.
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