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She cut it too short

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A few weeks ago, my friend buzzed my head. It was wonderful. It was down to a 2 and I felt to relieved to not have to worry so much about my hair. Then this friend went off to college and my hair started to grow out. It grew almost half an inch in just a few weeks so when she came back this weekend, I told her to buzz it off again. So outside we went and she buzzed my head.

The only difference is, she used a different set of clippers and apparently a 2 on these clippers is very very short. I have fuzz on my head. I feel like a peach. My grandmother hasn't seen it yet, and I know she'll be furious.
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I'm sorry about your haircut!!! I can sympatize- i've had a few bad ones in my life too! The best thing that helped me was remembering "hair grows!"....that and a cute hat. Luckily, I found a great stylist a while ago named Brian- he cracks me up- he's always full of juicy gossip and knows how to get my hair just right. Right now my hair is really long and wavy with layers in the back- it's really long when I get sick of it, i will donate it to Locks of Love and help someone else. Your hair will grow back soon sweetie. Until then, try to find a hat or something that you like
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Aww, you said it grew fast before, it should grow back really fast this time too. When are you due to see your grandma again?
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