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Howling Kitty

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My 2 y.o cat Hermes is having a problem that I can't figure out. Late at night he starts making meowing noises, it sounds like he is upset. He then will find my female cat and jump on her. It looks to me like he's trying to mate, but I am not sure. He bites her on the neck and has her covered. He is nuetered. The weird thing is that he is a Hermaphrodite and has both, so I'm confused (as I'm sure he is!!) Any comments?
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My 6 year old male Casey is neutered and he still tries to mount my 7 year old spayed female Mollie Rose. Sometimes he'll be left sitting there with Mollie's fur in his mouth. I try to break it up when I'm around, usually by squirting him with water. I have no explanation for it either. It may be because he THINKS he's still whole. Is your female spayed? If not, that might be the reason.
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Well, the howling may just be a mating call. Does he do it all the time? If all the signs are pointing to mating, you may want to talk to the vet. It is possible that he should be "spayed" if he has overies as well. If there are other things, it may be something bothering him.
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