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Kitten found

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under my truck...
any age guesses???

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Probably anywhere from 6 to 8 weeks would be my guess. Is she eating on her own at all?
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she wouldnt eat dry, I thought about wetting it, but she went right over to the wet food I had laid out for my other kitties, and she ate that , so I figured good enough..
The litter of course is an issue, She was crying and crying, so I thought I might have to step in,,but then she politely pooped right on my rug, but it was so tiny, thats when I really started guessing her age.
I dont think any of my babies were this small besides Squeeky, who was born with me, but he was huge by the time he was 6-8 wks..
Still dont know if she peed, Ive been feeling around for wet spots, I put her poop in the box and showed her how to dig, but I have a feeling this will be a week long problem, I just want her to pee in the litter so I know she is going.
Other then that she has found crawling under my blanket and laying on my tummy to be a comfort zone, so hopefully she is comfortable.
Its like 40 degrees and raining for the last 2 days, so thats the reason I brought her in.
I am keeping my eyes out for any others, havent found a flea , though her fur seems to be the hardest to dig through compared to my others.

I dont know what to do now...She is seperated from my babies, and I wont just throw her outside, but geez...
I had a family friend beg me for my antisocial cats, squiggles and squeeky...So maybe if I can let him have them "he doesnt want a lap cat"
then maybe I can add her to my bunch, if not ill wait a few weeks before finding her a home..
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look's to be between about 5-7 week's ur best bet would maybe if u can try a vet ? this way he can treat for flea's and worm's just in case with the litter i would just keep doing what ur doing after meal's and when she wake's up try putting her in the litter tray and do the scratching hopefully she will catch on good luck with what u decide to do with this kitten and bless u are taking her in
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Ya I planned on a vet visit. I was supposed to be taking a foster pregnant girl as well.
Thats why when it rains, it rains I guess.
Im hoping that they call me for her today, that way I can have someone up there look at her , maybe for a cheaper price also..
Its labor day weekend. The chances of me finding someone to look at her for that at a reasonable price is about the same as me winning the lottery.
I was suprised how healthy she looked, even was dry, I guess thats why she was "under" my truck.
But looks can fool you, I know
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