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ahhh! Look how cute! and sick!

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I just brought them home from my uncle bob's house. If anyone remembers I have mentioned in the past that my uncle will not spay or neuter his barn cats and so I take the kittens from him. It has been a big step on getting him to call me to get them rather then drowning them like he always used to. Next step is getting them TNR'd to his barn....

Anyways, there's actually 3 but I only snapped a picture of the two healthier ones. They are doing pretty well. I have a heat pad under many blankets under them and they have KMR/kitten glop mush food. They are adorable. Tuesday I have to go pick up some eye ointment from the vet becuase I am out. Of course just when I need it I am out. But their eyes are crusted shut. My uncle actually usually treats them with ointment from the vet, the vet is working with him to I think hehe. My uncle tries to help but he has just been doing this for 40 years or so, many many generations of cats...hard to break old habits or ways.

But ya so I thought I would share some pictures. I am taking them to a sanctuary next weekend. I have to call and make sure that is alright though. Unless I find some really experienced caring person who is home all the time and can care for them. One is a boy and one is a girl. The third is a boy I believe but he is on the brink of death. I have him seperated. He was ice cold and extremely skinny, like so skinny I am afraid I am going to crush his ribs if I pick him up. I can almost wrap my fingers around his entire spine. He is being bottle fed and placed on a bag of warm rice. When I just saw him, his head was all the way back and his legs atraight out in front of him, I thought for sure he was dead. But I warmed him up and he was wiggling and meowing. I got some KMR into him and he is doing much better, but still not strong enough to walk around. I am debating if the comfort of his siblings is reason enough to put him back with them. They get along pretty well though so I am afraid they will trample him. Well, we'll see.

Enjoy the pix of the poor little babies.

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Aaww, what loves. Please be well, precious little ones, you have a guardian angel caring for you.
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Well the third kitten is up and walking again, I am so happy, I though he was never going to make it. He also was eating kitten glop and KMP off my finger, he ate quite a bit. Plus he drank about half a bottle of straight up KMR. He quit drinking that because I think it was getting cooler and I bet that tasted weird hehe. But ya, I will post another picture tomorrow. I am pooped and going to bed now. I will have to get up in a few hours anyways to check on him so the quicker I get to sleep the better
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Aww, the little darlings! Bless you for putting up so much effort into helping your uncle resolve this issue. It is so sad to think of how harsh the "old ways" were; the people of that generation just didn't get raised to be that compassionate. Thank goodness times are changing
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What little sweethearts!! They're very lucky to have you!! I'm looking forward to hearing updates on their health and sending many {{{{{GET WELL SOON!!!}}}}} vibes your way!!
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