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whats your internet connection????

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What you guys got???

Dial Up?



T-1 or Fios?????

Just curious, I am also somewhat of a "tech head" I love computers and my computer I am on now is a 5 year old desktop unit made by is an old office something you would see in an army office...I modified mine with a video card, large capacity hard drive, windows XP and more ram....oh and Verizon DSL which I love because I am listening to Godsmack right now....
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Road Runner from Time Warner cable
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Road Runner -it's cable from Oceanic Time Warner.
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Wireless .
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I have DSL
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WiFi Broadband
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WiFi, using my laptop at home
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Cable, but we're on the waiting list for bundled fiber optics in our area.
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urm...all i know of is AOL broadband Gold
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DSL broadband at the moment, but will be going wireless soon.
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16mb cable
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I have DSL.
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Roadrunner Cable
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Good old fashioned dial-up! It's all I can afford. If I want faster, I go to the library.
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Time Warner cable here..
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Comcast cable here. I have a Wifi "N" network that serves the house.
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Dsl ......
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we have DSL.
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aol platnium broadband we are meant to have wireless but i cant figure out how to do it lol
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Wireless here also
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Dial-up at the time, will soon be getting DSL.
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DSL thru the phone company
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Windstream DSL (used to be Alltel), to a wireless home network
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I have Roadrunner from Time Warner too.

Wireless-capable, and my old apartment was wireless, but I don't see the point anymore.
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roadrunner thru time warner cable-- (cable internet) on a wireless secured home network. Been wireless for over a year now and LOVE IT! couldnt live without cable either--

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Sprint DSL. I'm so used to it that I can't stand using dial-up.. it's so slow.
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Cable. (comcast)
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