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You mean there are places cats aren't allowed to go?
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I don't let my kitty in the bathroom -it is very small and besides the possibility of her getting at the toilet paper and other things on the little counter space (basically a radiator cover) I had a glass shelve over the toilet that broke into a billion shards and pieces and I am still sweeping that up everytime I clean - months later. I am sure there are minute pieces behind the toilet that I can't get to but a flexible small kitty can.
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Our bedroom is #1 beacause of DH's allergies. They aren't allowed in either of our studies unsupervised because they both get into things in there. Other than that I guess just on top of the entertainment center, where breakable things are, and the counters. Though they do get on the counter now and then when we aren't paying attention. I also don't let them on our desks because when food and drinks are there, they feel its free game to sniff and bat at. I guess thats it...well except I don't let them on top of the fish tank, but they don't seem to care about that, they are more interested in looking in anyway.
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Originally Posted by zak&rocky View Post
The on ly thing they are not allowed on are the posts of my four corner bed, simply because I don't want scratches. Zakk was the first one to discover these when we first got them. He was trained to stay off pretty quickly. No one else ever got the idea until..

Fast forward 2 years.. A bug was flying around the bedroom. Zakk "forgets" he isn't allowed and starts climbing, where he is quickly reminded of the rule.. Next thing we know Cookie is climbing up too! He is such a good learner... I also saw Rocky teaching him the joy of drinking from the toilet.
That is too funny!!! Sounds like you have your hands full with that cute little bundle of furbabies!!! I've found my girls sharing their naughty tricks and secrets with each other...especially Isabella- she is the most intelligent kitty i've ever seen! But she's rotten and always teaching the other bad things
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The stove top. Poodle kitty used to walk across it while an element was on!
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When I first got Villy I didn't now too much about cats and I decided I didn't want her sleeping in the bedroom with me in case she tried to eat the hamster while I was sleeping........20min later I realised... you don't get to choose where they do and don't go! She continually barged the door open until I just had to let her stay in with me!
The only place she isn't really allowed is the kitchen worktops and she mostly stays off there (when she knows I can see her anyway! )
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All I ask is that they don't get on the kitchen counters and the table while I'm here. Other than that, all of the breakables are in a curio cabinet.

Though, I do hear a thud every once in awhile in the kitchen so I do know a particular cat named Lucy gets up on the counters. And Carly did get caught once because she hit the playback on the answering machine. She looked so pathetic standing over the machine with this look that was like - oh oh.
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They are allowed everywhere except the kitchen table, countertops, and the closets.. as Orion likes peeing in them.

Doesn't stop them from going on the table or counter.. but when they see one of us coming when they are on them, they take off as if their butts are on fire.
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Tryon's been really good about everything. She never goes anywhere she is not allower... heck, half the time she doesn't even go places she is allowed

But Peewee... oy, we call him the "master of disaster" around these parts. He's not allowed on the counter (bathroom counters OK, kitchen counters no because I sometimes defrost food there and he'd eat it all before I have a chance to make dinner) or on top of the fishtanks. Well I spend half my day pulling him off the kitchen counter or removing him from the tops of my fish tanks. I don't even think it's the fish he's interested in as much as it is the biowheels in the filters.

But the all time best of getting in trouble is my mother's cat Gemini. My mother collects Polish pottery (http://www.polishpotteryonline.com/ <-- stuff like that) Wanting to display it but not let Gemini get into it, she put it on top of the fridge and on top of her kitchen cabinets (I'd say there's aboout 1.5ft between the top of the cabinets and the ceiling) and for years Gemini left it alone. Well this *14 year old* cat decided she was going to get brave, hopped up onto the counter, up to the top of the fridge, up to the top of the cabinets where we found her taking a nap. Mom thought it was very cute until on the way down we heard "MEOOOOOOOOOOOW" *SMASH* only to find one of the pieces from the top of the fridge on the floor in a million pieces and Gemini laying in the middle of it, bleeding. She was ok... just a little scrape on her paw.... but you better believe that pottery got locked up and Gemmy was not allowed anywhere near the fridge after that
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