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Frontline Behaviour

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My cats are little angels when it comes to pills or syringe-delivered meds but the one thing they all hate is being Frontlined. As soon as they see the pipette they run and hide, and once I have got them and started to squeeze it onto their skin they squirm and jump. Does anyone else have this problem, and why is it? Does it tickle or burn or what? I always have it at room temperature so it is not cold or anything like that. Any ideas?
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My cats act the same way with Frontline. However, when I use Advantage or Revolution, they never even notice that I have put it on them!
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I think it;s thr smell.

We are a Bio Spot family here.
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I honestly think it burns!! The first time I used it on Boogrer,my tux kittie,it bleached her fur into a bright red spot and Lil Bit pulled her fur out. They also took off running and rolled like crazy! I use Revolution now and they don't even notice I put it on them.
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Jenny, we use Revolution as well and the kitties don't have a problem with it. We do, however, keep them separated until it dries. We put it on at bedtime and since Bijou sleeps with us and Mika sleeps with Jennifer it works out beautifully.
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i have the same problem and i use advantage
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