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Flea Treatment or No?

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Hey guys,
I recently had a run in with a friends new kitten who has fleas. I pet her for one second and then realized she had fleas. I left his place very soon after that and didn't sit down or pet the kitten again. I wonder what the chances of Trout getting fleas is from that short time I was around fleas.

My question is, should I treat Trout with some revolution now?? Or wait until I see signs of fleas on her? I got a dose from the vet already because I'm paranoid, but not sure if I should apply it yet..what do you all think?

I HATE fleas.
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I handle flea-y animals all the time and don't always treat my cats. I blow my clothes off with a high velocity dryer, or sometimes flea spray my clothes.

To me the chance of bringing home a flea from one or two touches is not all that high. I'd comb through Trout everyday and keep a eye open, but it's your call. Are you relying on the Revolution for heartworm, ear mite or intestinal parasite control or just the fleas?
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I don't think there's much chance of bringing fleas home from such a brief encounter. I know what you mean, though, I really hate fleas too. If you're worried about it, maybe you could use a flea comb for a few days to make sure.

Personally, I wouldn't use Revolution for just fleas. It treats too many things, and I don't like giving unnecessary medicine.
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Yah maybe I'll get a comb for her just to be sure before I treat her. Revolution is the only thing my vet offers in one dose only. I do prefer advantage but they only sell it in 3 packages. Should I not use revolution just for fleas?
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You were probably safe; fleas usually will not get on humans if a pet is available.

Only time I had some problems was going into a house (owner had died) and cats had a LOT of fleas - like in the house and on the animals. Before we went, we flea sprayed our pants/socks, etc. but still wound up bringing in a few and had to use some flea products on our cats.

IMO if you don't see any fleas over the next few weeks, you are safe; however, I would have immediately washed any clothes I had on after coming home.
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I wouldn't just automatically treat them either. I'd keep a close eye though. Melissa, did you suggest your friend treat this cat for fleas? I hope so since it must be awful to be itchy and bitten all the time - poor kitty.
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