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New Pcitures of my Bengal Babies!

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My kittens,House and Piper, are going to be 4 months old in a couple days. They are the best kittens, i just love them. Here are some pictures of my babies....

House and Piper trying to nurse on my dog Syd...

They never leave her

House&Piper with Stash...

Syd and Piper napping...

Piper and Syd napping agian...

House&Piper napping...
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O M G O M G ! ! ! ! ...............these babies are just adorable, cute, pretty, beautiful................etc................etc............ ! ! ! and they love Syd soooooo.............oo much ............awh
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Ahh there very Beautiful and Your Dog is great with them isn't it great to have a dog that is so good around the cats Tha's the way Zoie is to, whoever said dogs and cats can't get along, I wouldn't have a dog that didn't. The kitties are growing fast and getting more beautiful everyday I bet. There was a big article in the Riverside Press Enterprise about the Bengals don't know if you saw it, it's mostley about California Bengal Breeders called Taming Wild Beauty, you can probably see it Online at
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Oh my word you should have put a warning up first!.

They are just so precious!. And those pictures with Syd! bless him they all just love each other so much!
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how absolutely ADORABLE!
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Sydney, would you notice if i put them in my pocket and disappeared for a few days? So cute!
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Oh my word, those pictures have just made my day. The ones with Syd are just priceless!
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They are beautiful!! Bengals are the best
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What wonderful pictures.
Syd is so cool.
Stash look a little perturbed.
Beautiful Bengal babies.
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Your Bengals are beautiful. There is a breeder right near me, and I keep saying that I want to adopt one. But I feel guilty when there are so many sweet cats in shelters just waiting for a forever home. But I still love looking at them
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You have such a loving furry family. It's amazing how they all cuddle together. So sweet!
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Opt To Adopt!!!!!!!!!!
Rescue Dont Breed!!!!!!!
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