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Finally!!! I'm kinda BACK!!

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Hey everyone!!

I have been on an internet hiatus as I can no longer login at work onto TCS. I am at my sisters today and just thought I would let everyone know why I haven't been around. I have missed you all, and I'm sorry I couldn't be there for you that were having tough times or sick kitties in the last month or so.

I think I will be online at home next week, so I should be back full time then.

Once again, I miss you guys and I'm sorry I haven't been around for you. I have been thinking about everyone!!

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Awww... it's so good to see you again! I hope all is well. Keep us posted.
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We've missed you and Trout!!! I'm glad to know all is well with you, and am sad that you can't get online at work anymore. I'm looking forward to seeing you online next week - have a great long weekend, too!
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I'm glad to hear from you!!!! I was wondering where you've been! Now i know . I can't wait to see you back full time in the threads!
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Welcome back! I started seeing less and less of your posts. Glad to hear that you're still around.
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Welcome back!
I have also been wondering where you were, its great to see you back online!
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Howdy! Sorry to hear no TCS at work. Major bummer.
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Thanks for the warm welcome back guys..Trout and I really missed ya!!
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WB, I'm right here with you on the hiatus bit.

((Yeah I'm late on the WBs so sue me--you wouldn't get much we're broke )
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It's really nice to see you again my friend. Hope all is going well in your life.

Still haven't been able to find that cat toy - ah well, tomorrow is another day to go driving around looking! LOL
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Welcome back! I don't know what I'd do if I couldn't go on TCS at work.
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Yikes no access to TCS at work-thats a scary thought!!!!
Glad to read everything else is ok!!
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Glad to hear from you again Natalie!! I'm looking forward to when you have your computer running at home!!
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awww! Good to 'see' you! I hope you can get on more from home soon!
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Originally Posted by Trouts mom View Post
Hey everyone!!
Welcome back my friend!
Is nice to see you here again!
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