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I hope I am in the right place for this. Does anyone know where i can get humane traps, either really really cheap or free? We have a house next to us that is abandoned and since i moved in 3 years ago i have seen 4 dif cats come and go from that house. They are 100% feral though, we have seen a few kittens but they never come back. My father in law has a trap but will be awhile before he can loan it to me, animal control has had us on a list for 3 years for traps. I cant afford to TNR if i have to pay the 40 for each cat, but i would like to catch them and get them somewhere other than running loose. I wouldnt be surprised if they habor FiV or Luk.

So if anyone knows where i can get some traps i would be grateful, especially with kirra here now i am concerned for her (thank god she is spayed).
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try contacting Alley Cat Allies to see if there is a group in your area that might be able to help out. Also, our local feed store rents them out with a $45.00 refundable deposit - the rental fee is cheap, the desposit is just to make sure that the traps are returned.
I am sending {{{prayers and vibes}}} that your rescue efforts are quickly successful, and bless you for caring for those poor ownerless cats
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Oh wow i had no idea that the place i got kirra spayed through does a TNR program, woo hoo. Thanks for the link, now i can start working on the cats around my house. I had done this years ago in FL so it will be nice to start again.
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