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Names for new baby

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Just finished work intime to visit Jade and pick up the little Siamese cross.

The vet told me that in her opinion it would not bother Jade at all when she comes home, and knowing Jade like I do I tend to agree with her.

He is very very sweet and I will take some photo's later..

But now I need a name....

So I am looking to all you experts out there.. something oriental I think.
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Hard to tell without seeing her , but I call my Megan "Mei" for short. I think that is chinese and means beautiful or Hawaiian, too (means great one there).

Aiko is Japanese and means beloved one or little love.
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Siamese mix needs a Thai name

Mali -flower
Phailin -sapphire
Ratana -crystal
Suchin -beautiful thought
Sunee -good thing
Tasanee -beautiful view
Vanida -girl

I personally like Mali, Phailin and Tasanee
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Its a boy

I thought of Ming or Chen or Khama or Yen

I quite like Thai as well he has huge ears and is chocolate point
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Oh well a boy! (why do we always assume kittens are girls? lol )

My favorite Thai boy names:
Kasem -happiness
Aran -forest
Niran -eternal
Kiet - honor
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How about the name of Mulan's boyfriend in Mulan or her dragon but I can't spell so I won't even attempt it. I know they are chinesse names but I like them and both are names for boys.
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I like the name Eiko.
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