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The daily thread 9-2-2006

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Its going to be a partly cloudy day today-the rain not due until tomorrow night.
That is a good thing as DH i going to pick up the wet saw so we can finish the patio as he has his 1st layer of fieldstone down for the rock wall!!

Went to two football games yesterday-the GB Packers (Box seats!!) The boxes seats are great (close to bathroom w/ no lines!!) and they have a dessert cart that comes around to each box with the most awesome desserts-Ihad butterfingers neopolitan torte!!! Plus I handed out my business cards to a few of the ladies and I piked up one solid job for next year for sure.
He left the game midway through 4th quarter and drove 30 miles to watch our godson place HS football as he is a senior. He caught a pass for a touchdown!!!
(he doesn't play a position that affords him to do that much!!)
The good news continued with my ebay purchase being in my mailbox-I slurpged and bought a Coach checkbook wallet!!!
Too bad I had and still have a headache (since about 5:30 pm)

Mom and dad should be here later this morning....

Well enjoy the long and 1st weekend of september!!
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What's left of Ernesto is supposed to hit us today! Not here yet, but the sky is really overcast. Hope Tracy isn't getting it for her wedding!
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Well the wind and rain have finally stoped here, though it is very cloudy. My ears are still rining from all the wind while I was trying to sleep last night. It scared me right out of bed a few times. Goodbye Ernesto! And good riddens!

DH is laying on the couch. He wants to go hiking or play mini-golf. It's his first Saturday off in months. But with all that weather and the busy week I've had, I just want to stay home!

I have plans to attack the laundry that has taken over the house. I'm also craving cherry pie like there ain't no tomorrow. Other than that, I want to get into my Sims game with the new expansion packs that I finally bought last week and havn't had time to do anything more than download them.
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THIS WAS a long 4 days of school
my girls started back
olivias in 7th grade new school for her
christinas in kindergarten her first day was yesterday
i know could not believe they would start on a friday!
BUT Iam soooo tired
sending my hubby back to work tuesday YAYYYYYY
hes been layed off
i will have quiet house!!


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After a couple of days of rain, it's still raining (despite what the radar says) and it's still windy and it's quite chilly (which leaves me wandering if we even had a summer)....

It is currently 58 degrees outside, overcast and since we are on a mountain that overcast ends up being fog but more like you are living in the clouds.

DH is going to try to get as much done on the basement as possible so we can go from sleeping in the library on the floor to sleeping in the basement in a quick built room.

Looks LIke I'll be back in the library for a while though cause my MIL is coming downstairs and she didn't accept my apology last night.

So I'm stuck here.

Oh L'Vie.
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