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new cats on the block

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Hi , thought I'd post pics here instead of the newbie forum.
Kink . ( my adorable baby. A present from my boyfriend. A special kitten that needed an extra special home.)

Tinkerbell. ( a stray that turned up at my parents house just before they moved)

Puddems. (given to me by one of my mums friends at 5 weeks old)

And top cat in my household is Puss.(Abandonned by one of my old neighbours.)
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They are adorable!
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Their all so sweet! Does Kink have anything wrong with her front legs or is it that way the pictures been taken?.
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Awwwww how precious !!!!!
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What a beautiful fur family you have!
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Welcome to the site! What a gorgeous fur-family you have!
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Kink has radial hypoplasia . Also known as twisty cats. Her mums owners think it was because her mum was too young. About 6-8 months old when she had kink and her brother and sister. not enough room. there is also more of an explaination in health and nutrition as wall as some links thanks to Bab-ush-niik.
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Awww bless her little heart, she is a special baby alright
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Kink is an adorable little girl. Bless her heart. It's so good of you to take this little girl into your home and give her the special care she will need. Welcome to TCS.

I looked at the other thread about Radial Hypoplasia because I'm not familiar with the condition. Then I looked at the Cats Meow web site. I cannot imagine someone deliberately breeding cats with this problem. There is something sick about doing that.
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You have such a beautiful family! Welcome, to each of you!
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Welcome to TCS! Those kitties are soo cute!
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Thankyou for all your kind words . My lil' Kink really does not know there is anything wrong with her . She decided to take a flying leap off my back landing last week . I live in a high set house. I nearly had a heart attack.She landed like a ton of bricks. She is fine tho. She wasnt hurt at all . she just went to keep on playing out the back.

Dawn of Sierra your Serenity looks just like my Tinkerbell. beautiful cats.
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