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Cat beds...

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I have looked everywhere for a bed, most places seem to have the same poor quality cat beds, which I'm just not willing to buy! Any recommendations? (Or should I just make my own?? )
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What sort of bed are you looking for? Floor standing or like a radiator hammock?

It might help us to give you some ideas!
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You might have to order from online stores on the cat beds. Or try to attend a local cat show. The venders there have some nice quality beds - usually run $15 + depending on the type.

I'm taking Ling to a cat show in a few weeks and will buy her a bed there to use at the show and at home.
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Hi guys,

thanks for the replies. I was at a local petshop today, and got a lovely cat bed - round, fleecy and quite deep too. I seen the same one on ebay afew weeks ago. I don't have any radiators, so couldn't even consider that type!

I also got some cat nip leaves (to make my own toys), treats and a few different balls - yeah, I AM obsessed, my boyfriend is worried, I'm NOT!!!
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HI there,

The round, fleecy beds are very appealing to cats but they will do just as well with a nice towel if given a choice. Gizmo even likes one of the bathroom mats that were designed to get litter off her paws.

If you are making catnip toys, it is good to leave a hole in it and put in a small removable packet of the catnip so that you can replace it when it is no longer working for the cat.
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Check out www.drsfosterandsmith.com, I love the beds they offer.
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Originally Posted by Crystal211 View Post
Check out www.drsfosterandsmith.com, I love the beds they offer.
My cats would love their "hide away" bed!
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hahahahaha this one really made me laugh. my cat would refuse to lie in anything I made or bought for her as a "bed". She finds much more interesting places to burrow in and sleep so Ihave given up even considering making thatt decision for her. Her current three favorite sleeping places are: 1. a box filled with small paper wrapped objects I havne't unoacked from the move yet, 2. a large basket near the fireplace that holds extra throw pillows and cotton blankets, 3 and the space between the pillows at the top of my head. last night she almost slept on my face.

I saw buy some fleece pieces, throw them any old place (mine will drag them to a good spot) and let her make a nest where and how she likes.
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My older cat is happiest with a couple of old towels. My younger cat likes to sleep on the bed in our spare bedroom or on the couch in the living room on an old lap afghan or blanket. I got some fleece at the store the other day and I'm going to make her a couple of throw blankets to sleep on so I can just throw them in the washer when dirty.

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We recently got Bagels a doughnut bed at a cat show...he loves it! It took a little while for him to figure out what it was, but once he did, he was addicted!
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I make most of my cat beds. A product called NuFoam is a good filler for the bottom of the bed - it is actually machine washable. Exterior walls do well by a stiff foam, but some foams are not machine washable. Make sure that the fabric you select is machine washable. You can get some really cool tapestry fabrics if you want to make it fancier, but they are not all machine washable. (give me machine washable or give me death)

Make the bed - you'll get the color and size that you want and if it works out, you can make them for your friends and family!
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