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Vet's advice worked! Aphro lost weight!

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So I know a lot of cat mommy's have the same problem of trying to get your cat to lose a little weight. Well, I brought Aphro to the vet and the vet told me that Aphro's dandruff and excessive hairball problem was due to her being overweight (she was about 15 lbs, supposed to be around 10-11lbs). She recommended that I take her off all dry food (I feed Innova Evo), I wasn't really sure I wanted to do that b/c I know Innova Evo is supposed to be really good--grain free and all, so the vet said that I could leave out a tbsp or so of dry food so that Aphro could munch throughout the day.

Well, a month later, no more hairballs (she used to get a massive one every week), no more dandruff, she has lost weight! She no longer has that tummy hanging around. I'm really surprised that this actually worked b/c I feed her mostly Fancy Feast wet food.. the grilled kind (I know.. I know.. it's not the best, but she won't touch the others and will go on a hunger strike). I have however, gotten her to eat Nutro packets and Max cat canned.

Anyway, I thought maybe this might work for someone else's kitty that needs to lose weight. I really am surprised that Aphro lost weight just getting off dry food.. but it worked. Mommy is happy and kitty is happy
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It's great isn't it? An all canned diet really is the key to weight loss Congrats to your kitty!
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How much canned do you feed her each day?
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I am so glad to hear this, since I have a cat in the same boat. He has eaten nothing but dry for the past 5 years since we first met. (And I do mean low-quality dry.) I switched him over to can by mixing wet in with his dry for about 10 days. Now, during the day, he eats wet only, about a tablespoon every 4 hours. At night, right before we go to bed, I put out 3 level tablespoons on Evo dry so that he isn't hungry and meowing through the night. Usually there is 1-2 tablespoons of the Evo left uneaten in his dish in the mornings. I haven't had him weighed, but he is looking slimmer, although this is occurring very gradually. He has so much more energy on the wet as well.
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