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Eye Ointment Application - any tips?

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Now that my kitty Lusa is getting bigger (approx. 2 months old), it's more difficult for me to apply her antibiotic eye ointment for her URI. She's harder to hold and more active, so I'm worried that I'm not getting the ointment in properly before she squirms off my lap.

Does anyone have tips for me on how to do this better and with less stress for us both? The vet techs make it look so easy. Thanks!
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Are you wrapping her in a towel? I have to do that when I medicate my kittens.
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Do you feel more comfortable holding her head away from you or towards you?

If you hole her facing away, flat on the floor/table/lap, pull her head back with your arm pressing down on her body. While you pull her head back, you open her eye enabling you to get the cream in!

I always hold my cats kind of like they are sitting to my side. I am able to imobilise them for a long as need be and use the same hand - that I'm holding them with - to pull their lid back (or open mouth) to treat them!

They always get a yummy treat afterwards (which I keep handy) as a reward too
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Just wanted to say thank you guys for the tips. My husband holds her wrapped in a towel and I apply the ointment. It's so much faster and easier on all three of us - I know that the ointment's actually getting where it needs to be.
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When I do eyes I set them on the kitchen counter (where it meets a wall) with their butt up against the end. Hard to explain, but just find a place where the environment assists you in limiting their movement.

If you just pick up the cat and hold it under your left arm like you are walking around it will be in the right position. Then just side up to a counter and rest him on it without changing your grasp. His body will be controlled by him still being semi tucked under your arm, your left hand is free to hold the head/eye open, and your whole right hand is free to do whatever.

I need to make photos
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how do you apply the medicine to the eye, besides holding it
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