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Reaction to flea application

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I will not say the name of the product I used, but I did buy it at the vet. I put in on Leah over 6 hours ago and have since been scrambling trying to get it off of her. I have given her three strong baths, she has had neosporin applied generously to her neck followed by a good layer of aloe vera- the vet says the flea application burned her skin. She has been vomiting since treatment and I am in for a long night of giving her some stuff to calm her tummy. She needs this every three hours through to the morning. The vet believes she scratched the area, then licked her paws getting the solution inside of her.

I just wrote a not nice letter to the manufacturer of this product and would like to just ask for prayer for Leah. She is in a lot of discomfort and we have done everything humanely possible for her. The rest is up to her.

She was so bad that when she went into her cage where she sleeps every night, she staggered and caught her leg under the tray of the cage. I thought she was dying she screamed so loud.

She is confined now, food and water has been taken away from her and she is just on medications and TLC.

BE CAREFUL when you use flea treatments. Read the insert completely- had I read the whole thing (I needed a magnifying glass to even read it all) but I would have never given it to her. In very small print it talks about "possible side effects"
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Leah, I'm praying for you, sweetheart. This isn't your fault, MA.
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Oh, MA, I'm so sorry about poor Leah. I wish I were closer, I'd come and stay up with you all night and help you with her.
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Oh no. I will definitely say a prayer for Leah and you.
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Sending hugs and prayers to Leah and M A
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Prayers and vibes for both of you. I hope Leah is feeling better soon. Please don't beat yourself about this MA -- if there are possible side effects, you shouldn't have to look that hard to discover them. It may not be illegal to present that information in that way, but it certainly is unethical. Hugs to you both.
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I'm sendiing lots of vibes to you and Leah, and I hope she feels better this morning. I'm looking forward to an update on her condition.
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Oh poor baby! I'm deffinately praying for her!
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We are both here, it was a rocky night. She still walks in a curve right now- hard to explain, but she looks like she has bent in half. I am sure the application site must still be burning. She had meds all night every three hours and this morning she begged to go outside, so hopefully the worst is behind us. I had to take her collar off because of the damage to her skin.Nothing broken or oozing just really red and inflamed. I put more neosporin on her and gave her last tummy meds with whipped cream. That was the only way she would take it.

Thanks for the prayers. I should have stayed with what I "normally" use, but they were out. No more flea meds for this pup not for awhile.
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Oh no, poor Leah!! I really hope she's okay.
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Lots of healing vibes coming to Leah MA. I'm so sorry to hear all this. You just never know...............don't blame yourself!
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Oh no! More healing vibes for Leah!
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My cat had what I think reaction to anti-flea medication. He had it really bad. He was vomiting, had the runs, and was in bad shape. The Dr. didn't know what it was, and I couldn't figure it out either, until it was a time to apply it again, and then I realized he got sick the first time after I put it on him.
So, thankfully, I didn't apply it the second time.
So, I contacted the company, and they paid half the vet bill, which was large, as Dr. didn't know what it was, and did X-rays, thinking it was an obstruction, blood test, and other "works" and meds. The Dr. actually feaked me out saying my cat might have FIP.
And all this time it was a flea med reaction.
All the meds have side effects, though... It just that most animals don't have these side effects, but some do.
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Hissy how is Leah????
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