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I need a Diet for an Overweight cat Fast!

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It's a breakthrough! I may have gotten through to my BF's Parents. They are leaving Munchy alone and all is well. She is rested and happy... Phew... one war has been won for now...
But the aftermath... Tai is obese and at only one year old has stubbs for legs(they are covered by his fat).

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Most importantly to stress here, is there is no healthy fast weight loss for a cat. This must be a very gradual process. Rapid weight loss in a cat can lead to a potentially fatal liver disease called Hepatic Lipidosis. I recommend speaking to your Vet about the best healthy diet for Munchy to meet her ideal weight goals.
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Agreed. If your cat loses weight rapidly he'll get very sick and could possibly die. I'm sorry to say this and I hope you don't get upset, but it seems to me you really need to get those kitties out of that environment and find them decent homes where their needs will be taken care of properly. Maybe this just isn't the right time for you to have pets - wait until you are in a position to make your own decisions, i.e., living on your own and then get a pet.

The way your kitties seem to be living is not good for them and obviously not good for the people around them who seem to be at odds over them.

Folks here have given you good advice - find them a better home and when you are in a position to care for a pet, then think about getting a cat/kitten.

That would be the most humane and caring thing you could do for them right now.
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I third call the vet ... Cats need to loss slowly ( a cat lossing a lb in a year is a success)
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The best way for your cat to lose weight is slowly. If the cat is eating dry food, measure the amount of food he is now eating then take away about a 1/8 cup. Feed him that way for a couple of weeks then take away another 1/8 cup. Continue to do that until you reach the amount that's recommended on the food bag. By doing this your cat should lose weight slowly without harming the liver and he will also get used to less food without constantly begging for more.
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Try decreasing the dry food and giving wet food instead. Wet food is better for them anyway and isn't filled with carbs and fillers like dry food.
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Should i slowly work on decreasing the amount of dry food first, making sure to avoid all medical problems within a few weeks and then start to mix in Euk. Vet Diet Restricted Calorie cat food (wet) his dry food is Premium Edge Healthy Weight, and we are now working on lowering his hard food intake... it will probably take a few weeks (3-4 to get it right... tell me if i am wrong), and then add that... Please post about this method and add any 'two cents' about what you think... i want to do this right!
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Hey everyone, I think she meant to give her an idea fast so she can get started on the diet, not necessarily looking for something to get him skinny again fast. i don't know, just how I took it

I have no ideas so I will stop talking, maybe wet food only? I don't know how the family will agree to doing that if you are already having so many problems getting them to listen to you.
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I took the original post as she needed advise quickly also. My cat was 1.5 pounds over weight. Not really fat but on her way to porkdom. I switched to wet food almost exclusively with some Welcome brand kibble for treats. No purchased treats and I carved out three times a day for a really rigorous play hunt run and jump session. She is looking great, has a lot more energy and is much healthier.
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AS others have said, do not decrease the amount of dry food suddenly - it could make your cat very ill, even kill him. Switch over to wet food gradually by offering both, even mixing them to get him to eat it. But I really agree that as with people, severe obesity can only be dealt with under medical advice to avoid health problems. Please try and consult a vet on this.
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