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black eye and bruises

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As you may remember, I was in a bike accident a few days ago.
I am feeling mostly better now... the worst of the muscle pain is gone and my nose doesn't hurt as much anymore. However, I still have a black eye and some big bruises. Any tips on how to get rid of them? (especially the black eye)
From what I read so far, most people say to put ice on a black eye to help with the swelling. Mine isn't swollen at all... it's just the skin around my eye that is purple and red. Anything I should do to go back to my normal skin color?
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Ice packs is all I can think of! Failing that, sunglasses???????
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Pancake makeup.
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I remember the trick of putting frozen spoons on hickeys to make them go away from when I was a teenager so the ice pack may have more benefits even though it isn't swollen anymore.
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I would get some Arnica Montana and start dissolving those under your tongue. You can get these at any health food store. They really do help with bruising and to prevent clots from breaking loose.
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Arnica was my thought, as well, and excellent use of smilies there, Marie!
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I'm a BIG fan of using Vitamin E. I bite open a 400mg. capsule and apply as often as possible. It seems to work wonders - when I waited tables, face "boo-boos" were really unwanted and the Vit. E seemed to work best. It does leave a shine, but you can dab at that. It helped that I don't wear make-up, since the oils would have smeared any foundation. Also, take ibuprofen regularly - 800mg. is the prescription dose for 1 tablet. The ibu. helps the blood break down and get readsorbed; my daughter had to do this for a hematoma on her head that she got in a car accident/ the seat belt in my car accident caused a deep black bruise on my chest & I was told to do the same thing. Warning, though, if you have sensitive kidneys, the ibu, after a week or so, can cause bleeding which is VERY irritating to the bladder and causes bladder-infection symptoms, most miserable
Sending {{{prayers and vibes}}} that you recover quickly! Susan
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Vitamin E oil, zinc oxide cream, and calendula always work for any burns or bruises I have gotten.
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