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Hey - I just reached 2000 posts!

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Am I obsessed with this place or what!?! We need to make a new level above Top Cat - how about obsessed cat. Addicted cat. Supreme Cat. or as my hubby would say needs to get a life cat (I of course disagree).

any ideas on a new title?
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Congratulations! Maybe, we DO need to get a life!

2000 posts deserves a party!
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That's great Adymarie! Keep posting and don't listen to any silliness about getting a life!!!!!
What do men know anyway??? HA!!
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Yea for you!!

Talking so much on this board can't be that bad if everyone is celebrating.....
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Congrats on 2000 posts! Super-duper Cat!

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CONGRATS! How about super cat for a new title??? or is there already one???
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Congratulations! As if your hubby doesn't have something he does which makes him need a life (watching football, playing cards with the guys, etc.)

You could always point out the educational aspects, as well as the emotional well-being from all the jokes. He gets a smarter, happier you.

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Needs to get a life cat.... :LOL: Sounds like something MY hubby would say!! :laughing:

I always point out that at least I am not in chat rooms, and talking to wild men with loose morals.... :laughing:

Congrats on 2000 posts!
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Sorry I'm late Ady, but I'm here now, soooooooooo


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Congratulations adymarie!!!

Woohoooooo!!!!! 2000 Posts - Amazing!!! You go girrrrl

Supercat sounds good. Tell hubby he should get a life - he's just jealous that you have so many net buddies! My hubby's sure I'm addicted too, as soon as I get home from accessing thecatsite all day at work I log in at home and spend a few more hours on line!

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