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Birthday pics

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Here are Ophelia's birthday pics!!

Butt-shot!!(She was rolling in catnip in this one)

I was cute before, but now that I have a collar & ID tag, I'm even cuter!

I took the camera to bed with me the past couple of nights, as that is when you see the "real" Ophelia. It's just me & her & she knows it. So, these are her birthday pics...these were from last night, when she got catnip. The pics from today when I gave her catnip made her look yellow, so she didn't want those on TCS.
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Great pics!

That butt shot kinda looks painful, though.

Happy Birthday Ophelia!
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Happy Birthday pretty girl!
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Happy Birthday Day Ophelia !!!!!! love the butt shot ....LOL
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That first pictures hilarious
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happy birthday , they have no shame do they ROFL
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Lol nice butt shot Happy b'day Ophelia!
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Originally Posted by white cat lover View Post
Here are Ophelia's birthday pics!!

"kiss muh butt mewomy!"
That's hilarious!
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Happy birthday! What a gorgeous kitty!
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