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Nurse Thea

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'I'm just going to make sure you follow Doctor's orders!'
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Aw, that is sweet! What happened to your leg?
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I only wish my legs were that little!

That's my 12 y.o. son after football practice the other night where they had to carry him off the field because he couldn't put any weight on his leg. He's got a deep muscle bruise and and they wrapped it at the Dr's. Thea's just making sure he's following orders.
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Aw, what a sweetie! We have a little nurse kitty, too - Ophelia. It's really amazing how they just know when you aren't feeling well, or where it hurts. It's like having a purring heating pad!
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Oh how sweet! What a good nurse!
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How sweet!! Is your son enjoying having his own nurse?
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Topaz is our nurse kitty. SHe wouldn't give me the time of day until I came home from the hospital and she will now sleep beside me. She also stayed by Mom while the EMTs worked on her (low blood sugar).

Ari? He was hiding somewhere.
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