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My house is getting a powerwashing....

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It's raining like crazy out there! I mean it's kinda good because we need it. But the sides of my house are making this funny noise. My roof does it too but I'm on the side of the house that doesn't do it as much right now. The kitties keep looking around.

I just need to figure out some good dinner for DH since he's been out in it all day. Though it really only got heavy recently. Poor guy! He's probably soggy and chilly...he only has uniform shorts...but then the pants would be soaked anyway. So any one of you fabulous cooks is invited over to make something warm and yummy. I'm off to throw something together I guess.
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I'm trying to figure out what I want since it is just me. Hubby is off scouting a hunting site. The cats were easy and are already fed. But me? I think I'm going to have to go to the store and it is getting chilly here (56 F/13 C).

So what did you decide on? And is your hubby drying out?
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We had a quick meal of hash browns baked in a cheesy sauce with ham. Not the healthiest, but warm and it worked.

DH wasn't too happy. He delivers out to some pretty country areas. I guess on one very long dirt driveway, that was sloped, he slid. And when he tried to get the truck unstuck, it slid him farther into a ditch. So while he was waiting for a tow truck another driver came to get some packages off his truck...well that guy got stuck too! So they both had to get pulled out of there. He said the whole back bumper was squishing into the mud. Then when he finally got finished delivering (about 8:30 tonight) his car was in a puddle that went over his shoes...so he showed up on our doorstep barefoot! My poor honey! I fed him, made him take a hot shower, and put him to bed!
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Oof, we're supposed to get around 2 inches of rain later today (Saturday). Not looking forward to that!
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Oh your poor sweetie. I hope he's doing better today.
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DH is currently laying on the couch. This is the first saturday he's had off in a while. He wants to go hiking.... So I'd say the 10 or so hours of sleep he got did him some good! There are leaves everywhere outside and a branch or 2 down nearby. Now we just need a bit of sunshine!
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