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"The Bridge"

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My friend sent me this movie trailer today, and as morbid as I think it is, I find it rather intriguing. I didn't realize the Golden Gate Bridge had such a high amount of jumpers, so I did some Googling to find out more about the documentary itself as well as the GGB as a suicide destination. I thought these were pretty informative:




Any thoughts? Apparently the documentary isn't being released until October '07, so I guess I've got plenty of time to decide if I want to see it (I'm a bit of a documentary dork). I was at the GGB years ago and had no idea that so much goes on at it, so at the very least I learned something.
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ooo sounds like a movie I would love to see. I love documentaries and especially weird ones hehe. I will defiantely go see this film if it comes to the indie theatre by me.
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I find it sad but intriguing at the same time. If it comes on HBO or Showtime I'm sure I'll watch it, but I wouldn't see something like that in the theaters.
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I thought this thread was going to be about the rainbow bridge lol....
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That second article was very interesting - I wonder if it will be released. I will see it if it is, I was very interested in the first article. I hope he puts a good spin on it so that hopefully people won't think he's glamorizing the act.
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Okay, I know I'm bringing this thread back from the dead (no pun intended), but I just watched the movie.

In no way is it exploitative of the jumpers, but it's graphic. You do see people's last moments on Earth and you do see them hit the water. If anything it shows you where people could have made a difference and stopped someone from jumping, but they didn't. It just drives home the fact that if you think that a friend is suicidal or is threating suicide to call the police and have them taken to a hospital.

All in all... watch at your own risk. It's a hard one to get though.
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