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So I have some concerns about my kitties. Stanley and Sadie are still getting along great with each other. But recently I moved in with a friend of mine and he has a cat as well. We went by the book to introduce them and everything seemed to be fine.

But every once in a while I will hear this loud meow and a hiss. Then everything is fine again. I know it is Stanley and Stripes. My roommate and I both know it is Stripes who is doing the attacking, but my sister said the other day that when she was there she saw Stanley taunting him. So I am not quite sure what is happening as whenever they do this they are in a different room from us.

I figured it was just them trying to sort out who the top cat is kind of thing. But I don't like the idea of them fighting. It doesn't happen all the time and there is only one large hiss let out and then everything stops.

What should I do about this??
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If the introductions went well and it's not serious fighting, I wouldn't worry about it. They do that.

I have a martyr (Suzy) and a tease (Cindy), and this sort of thing goes on all the time. Basically it's Cindy chasing and Suzy swearing, but there are times when Suzy deliberately hangs around under Cindy's nose, seemingly hoping she will take the bait. Often I think it's as much for the humans' benefit as anything.

I'd just keep an eye on them, to make sure that nobody is getting hurt, and otherwise pay it no attention. Now, if fur flies or anyone does more than hiss, you might need to intervene, and there I don't have any advice for you. Others probably will, though.
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thanks! I feel better now. I just didn't know if it really was harmless or if there was something more serious going on. I will keep an eye on them and if it gets worse I will have to intervene.
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