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Help with an injured kitten

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I've found this poor 6 week old kitten while i was taking out the trash.I saw something in a box moving and pulled it out.It was a poor kitten and when i looked at it closer i saw that it had a swollen eye and blood around the mouth.I thought it was bitten by a dog or maybe even injured by another cat.So i took it somewhere safe in the back of my block where it's a protective fence and put it in a box.I gave it some milk and water through a seringe and she started walking a bit which was good considering the state i found her.
Besides this shes still shaking so she probably hemoraging internally.
Please help.I'm taking her to a vet tomorow but i want to know what i should use to clean the wound until then...i don't know..
ps:heres some pics of the little one...it's made at night so there not such a good qualitty,but i hope you can see the wound...

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maybe take a warm clean rag to its eye wiping away any discharge .
maybe keep him in a warm spot, also keep giving him fluids too. once the vet

i hope the vet check goes ok, maybe it isnt as bad as he looks now. just a little banged up.
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I hope you brought it in your house? I would do like Erica said,keep it warm and keep giving it fluids and food until you can get it to the vet. I'm sure there will be others here that can advise you further. Poor baby!! Bless you for rescue him/her!!
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Don't give it cows milk though - it generally gives cats the runs, and that will further dehydrate the poor little thing.

If you can get to a supermarket to get some wet kitten food, and try giving it that as well as water, that would be great.

If you can see any wounds, you can gently clean them with warm, salty water. Definitely keep it warm, and confined to a small area, such as a bathroom (providing it's warm enough).

Thank you for rescuing the poor little thing - I hope he/she lasts until it gets to the vets!
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Unfortunately i couldn't take it home but i left it in the back yard with some food.When i came to take her to the vet this morning she was lying down barely breathing...It thought it had been poisoned or something,i almoust cried,but when i held the little thing it was breathing...turns out she had some cat nibblets round her mounth because of eating to fast i found out and so i took her to the vet as son as possible.The vet saw it and sucked the bites of food which were chocking her and she meowed for the first time since i brought her in.Shes fine now and is staying at the vet where i took her.
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The first lesson is that, since we're not licensed veterinarians, those folks are our best hope for injured or sick kitties. Once you recognize that a problem exists and it's beyond your abilities, TAKE THE CAT TO A VET!

If you cannot do so immediately, you may need to provide rudimentary first aid and monitor the cat. If the injury looks serious, and in this case it probably was, DO NOT leave the cat unattended. Bring it in and isolate it where it can be monitored. Check on it frequently, and get it to a vet as soon as possible.

You got lucky--she survived. So ultimately you did the right thing, but perhaps next time you'll be better prepared for such a situation....
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