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Dealing with Spot Spit

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Ok...here's my dilemma. When my little Spot was separated from his mommy, he was weeks old—needless to say, he was a bottle fed kitten. This special attention turned him into an affectionate little monster.

In Spot's younger years, he used to poke his head in my arm pit or the "crook" of my arm or under a pillow and would start licking the fabric, purring loudly, kneading—very content look on his face. When he was done...there would be little spots of drool here and there...really, not a lot..he was just a tiny 1 - 2 pounder.

Now, 2 years old and whopping 14 pounds, Spot continues to behave this way— except now those tiny drool marks are LARGE SPIT RINGS...LOL! How can I change this behavior? It's like owning a Lion that behaves like a domestic kitten. <Grin>

Any suggestions?

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well, my Mom's girl piper does this too! Mom and I got used to having drool marks on our clothes - sometimes we are sobbing wet in one area (hehehe)

Yes, it is annoying, but well worth the happiness of baby girl!!
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There's not much you can do unless you want to completely stop the habit. It does give him great joy The question is do you want to stop it?
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Forgot to say - this picture would be great for the Caption This forum
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There isn't much you can do. You can try to substitute for Spot a small stuffed animal when he starts this kneading behaviour. But kitties who have been seperated from their moms way to early will exhitbit this type of behaviour.
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I guess I don't mind washing my sheets 3 times a week in exchange for Spot's happiness... (been doing it this long, LOL!)

It's just that when I have company over, they have no idea what the heck he's doing under THEIR pillow. It's hilarious, actually.

If there was a gentle way to guide him to his own "Private" pillow to spit on...
I would probably try it...maybe I'll get him a kitten.

Here's a picture of Spot when he was 2 or 3 weeks old... Whew! Compare the butt size to the top picture I posted...LOL!


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