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Ohk, so Karma and Loki both mark our leather couch. In the same spot every time. This of course is driving my mom crazy. So when they got neutered, I thought they would quit. Karma used to mark any towel left unattended and he stopped that, but him and Loki are still marking the couch.

To add to it, my mom's cat, Miss Pooh had begun marking on top of thier scent.

Is there any deterent I could put on the couch that would make the cats avoid it altogether. How do you punish a cat when they go anywhere other than the litter box?

I know with a dog you grab the scruff of thier neck and growl at them while having thier nose near the pee spot. I tried this a few times with my cats, but they didn't have a reaction to it and so I quit.

Any help would be appreciated.


I found this. ---> link

Does anyone have any previous experiences with this product? Also are there any at-home remedies for spraying and marking?