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Ferris is guessed to be about 13 weeks old, with a birthday around the 31st of May. He is 4.5 pounds, no sign of mites although we saw one single speck of flea dirt, so the vet dosed him with advantage just to be on the safe side.

Ferris was very scared, but a really good boy and stayed in my arms without much of a struggle. It was my first really good look at him, and he is absolutely beautiful!

The vet says that he is definitely mostly Maine Coon and recommends an all wet diet. I told her that I'm stocked up with Nutro pouches and that I free-feed dry for Ginger, so he'll get a mix, but that I'll never give just dry food.

She also said Ginger's gums are really healthy looking, no signs of gingivitus, which is funny since the last vet - the one that overcharged me - insisted that Ginger needed a full dental and that she had gingivitus as early as 6 months old.

Go figure!!! I'm glad I never shelled out the $340 for the dental cleaning for my kitten - I bought Logic Gel from the UK, and obviously, it's working GREAT.

She gave Ferris a clean bill of health but refuses to neuter him until late October, so I'll just have to be patient about that - I'm NOT taking him back to the last vet for anything.

She said to keep an eye on him for any respiratory issues, and we scheduled his surgery for 10/27/06. Ginger will get her last shot that day, then she's all set for three years.

The vet remarked about how gorgeous and well behaved both of my kitties were (both - I have TWO kitties now! ) and said that Ferris ought to be a wonderful furbaby once he settles in, based upon what she saw in him.

I think she may have just been telling me what I want to hear, but hey, I'll take it!

So folks, thanks for bearing with metoday - it appears that the drama for the first 24 hours is now complete, and we are all going to settle down and take some afternoon naps.

UPDATE 4:48 p.m. EST

Ginger had a reaction to the rabies shot and threw up four times, once on my couch, even! I rushed her back to the vet where they gave her subcutaneous fluids, so now she's got a humpback for a little while. She was running a fever too, poor kitty!

Ferris is fine, hiding in his carrdboard box "house" I made for him and he's come out to eat an ounce and a half of Nutro kitten pouched food, so I'm not worried about that little boy. We'll all be fine, once Ginger feels better. Let the Feliway do its thing - hopefully Ferris will stay put tonight!