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Introducing two kittens - 2 year old afraid of them

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My two little orphans have now been vaccinated and after a few weeks of presenting the scents with a blanket, we let them out to older cat's territory.

When I first let them out, Voodoo ran to Ajči (older cat) and it seemed like that Ajči didn't really know what this tiny furball is, but when Voodoo wanted to smell her nose, Ajči hissed and ran up the stairs. No aggression, nothing, just scared as hell, she ran away.

Voodoo was undisturbed by this and continued playing with Coco, but Ajči, who was sitting on the stairs and watching the kittens, was terrified! I've never seen her as scared as she was last night. The evening passed without Ajči coming downstairs, where her food and toilet are. Even after I closed the kittens to a separate room, I had to carry her down to show her there are no little monsters there.

We had a little progress today, when she came down by herself, but as soon as one of the kittens moved, she ran back up. There was just one time, when she stayed on her spot, when Coco came close

I'm really desperate. She was always a sweet cat, we never heard her hissing before last night. I don't want her to feel threatend in her own home, I just want them to get along, but with her running away from them, they will never establish territories. Or will they?

She's so stressed out. We had the kittens out for about 5 hours and during that time Ajči neither drank, ate or peed - she was to scared to get down and after I closed them, she was terrified of every noise something made.

May I add that she is desexed and that there wasn't any agression towards her by the kittens, besides the normal hissing back.

Please, help me calm down! Is there still a possibility that everything will be OK?

thank you
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Of course! That sounds like very normal cat behavior. You did the introductions the right way, now they just have to figure out their part. It just takes a little time.
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oh thank you, it means a lot!

Do I need to go back one step (which I totally missed out) - to a gap between the doors separating them? So they see each other without full body contact, or is this necessary only in the case of aggression?

Thank you again!
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