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Finally My Wedding Pictures!

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I finally got my wedding pictures from June 2nd back from our photographer! Here are a few I'd like to share.

Me and my bridesmaids

Me and my husband!

The wedding party (My brothers are the ring bearer and the last-minute groomsman on the right- long story!)

The head table at the reception

(And I had one of me and my Dad, but it was larger than the others for some reason and Imageshack wouldn’t host it.)
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Your wedding photos are beautiful!
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Beautiful wedding!!
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I never thought red was a good bridesmaid color, but that red is gorgeous! love your dress too! Congrats!
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Absolutley gorgeous!
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Just gorgeous!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Yup, they are simply stunning! Gorgeous dresses, and you look so happy and beautiful!
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Your dress is absolutely beautiful!

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How beautiful!!!

I really like your flowers!
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Oh so pretty! I love the color too!
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Beautiful wedding! You look so happy and radiant and just...beautiful.
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You made such a beautiful bride!!
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Beautiful pictures, you make such a beautiful bride and I love the red dresses too!
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Beautiful...absolutely beautiful! Thanks for sharing!
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You all look very beautiful!

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Congradulations on your marriage!!! Those pictures turned out quite lovely!!!
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Thank you so much everyone!!
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Beautiful pictures!!! You were such a beautiful bride!
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you looks terrific on the pic´s and Hubby is plenty of happyness!
My best wishes for your marriage!
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