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Royal Canine

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I got a free sample bucket of Royal Canine dry food.. I feed my girls kitten chow, becuase that what they've always ate from the pet rescue center. Anways,, is the Royal Canine good dry food???

((They also eat a mixture of wet food, between meow mix (those real bites of tuna and salmon and crab) or fancy feast with herbs...))

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Royal cainin is a solid food... IMHO far better than kitten chow ... Some cats do great on it others need different formulas..
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Royal Canin was the only food that my Siamese ever had and he loved it. His vet highly suggested it as a good food source for felines.
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I recently switched mine to Royal Canin Special 33 when Authority discontinued the Lamb and Rice formula (Trent has a sensative stomach, and we think the issues were chicken (liver) and corn). The difference for them was noticable almost immediately. They fur is softer and shinier, they have more energy, and they really like it! Trent has been feeling better than he did even on the Lamb and Rice, only "ooping" up hairballs.

I'm not a feline food expert by any means, but I know how well my two are doing on it, and I do recommend it even though it is on the pricey side.
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I started my senior cat on it several months ago after reading some of the positive posts here and she LOVES it!! Her fur is also more healthy looking and she's got more energy. I'm very satisfied with it, eventho it's a bit more than I'd like to pay for her food.

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I switched my cats to Royal Canin special 33 from Purina One and I am very happy with it. Only been feeding it for 2 months so far tho.
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