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That is the sound of the Kitty Olympics that took place in our bedroom last night. Up and down the bed they ran, the both of them, across our heads, down our backs, across our feet. It was like they were competing in a marathon, and when I snapped on the bedroom light, they just stopped still and looked at me like "Yes Mom? You want something?"

About 3:00 a.m we both woke up to a resounding crash! Mike was sure that the roof had caved in! :laughing2: But what had happened was McGilly had climbed to the top of the cage, and spied the bulletin board where all my jewelry is hanging on and I guess those string of pearls proved to much temptation so she leaped from the cage to the board and the board came crashing down to the floor and she landed with a cluster of necklaces all about her body. She took off in a run, trailing gold and silver underneath the bed. Anyone know how to get dustbunnies off of gold chains? :tounge2: And I still can't find my sapphire earrings!
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:LOL: I can just imagine the site of a kitty covered in necklaces and earrings. That must have been so annoying to be woken up at 3 in the morning.
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Sounds like she wanted to play dressup. I hope you find your earrings. It would be nice if they could learn to sleep at night, instead of all day.:tounge2:

I am familiar with those nocturnal noises--probably all cat people are. My cats like to play racehorse. One night Faile used the stereo speaker, which is on a pedestal, as a scratching post. It came crashing down, giving us all a good scare. Luckily nobody was hurt.
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I am always amazed when I get up in the morning and see what has transpired! I may have to hook up the video camera to see exactly how these things get done at my house! What a night you had Hissy! Hope you can get in a cat-nap today!
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Too bad you didn't have a camera! That would have made a great pic for the Caption This forum! Seriously - I hope you can find your earrings!
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We went through that, with Rowdy, for a while. We had to shut her out of the bedroom, for several nights. Now, she and Ike romp around the Arizona room, before she comes to bed, with us.

Hissy, check the litter box, for your earrings. You know how kitties like to bury things.
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